What are Pediaforms™?
Covering patients from birth to nineteen, Pediaforms are color-coded, half-page forms that shingle on a mount-sheet for easy review. Well Visit, Sick Visit, Telephone Triage, and Supplemental forms are all available.

What are Docuforms™?
Covering patients from birth to 60+ years, Docuforms are color-coded, full-page forms. Well visit, Acute Care and Supplemental forms are available. Docuforms are available in two formats: Docuforms Singles and Docuforms Doubles.

What are Docuforms Singles?
Docuforms Singles (Birth-60+) are designed to capture all necessary information on one side of the page. The patient/parent section (Review of Systems) is in English on the front and Spanish on the back, allowing you to serve both English and Spanish speaking patients using the same form. Singles work in either top or side-mount charts.

What are Docuforms Doubles?
Docuforms Doubles (Birth-60+) are designed to use both sides of the page to capture all necessary information. There is an extensive History section and ample room for comments. Doubles work in top-mount charts only.

What are Digital Forms?
Digital Forms are personalized with the practice name and address and delivered to the customer on a CD or via email. Digital forms allow the provider to print from his/her computer as many or as few forms as needed. Pediatric and Adult Acute Care, Registration & Initial History forms are available in Digital format. Due to customization, Digital forms are not returnable.

Do you have any Spanish forms?
Docuforms Singles offers the patient / parent section (Review of Systems) in Spanish. Additionally, our Initial History and Patient Registration forms are available in Spanish.

How can I get sample forms?
Simply email your request to info@piermed.com or call us at
800-998-1908 and we will send you samples.

Am I allowed to photocopy any of the forms?
No, all of Piermed’s are copyrighted and cannot be photocopied or reproduced in any way. The only exception are the Digital forms, which are intended to be printed / copied on-site.

How do I place an order?
You may place an order via our online store, by phone at 800-922-1908,or by fax at 336-922-1707. Ordering by email is also available to pre-approved customers.

How can I save money?
Customers receive a 10% discount for purchases of $400.00 or more. To safeguard against running out of forms, we recommend that a single staff member be responsible for checking inventory and reordering forms. It is more economical to order enough forms to see you through several weeks, and get the 10% discount, than having to reorder too frequently. Shipping charges for larger orders are also more economical. This discount does not apply to Digital Forms.

How can I save on shipping and handling?
Ordering multiple items at one time saves a considerable amount on shipping/handling charges. Shipping is based upon weight with a minimum cost of about $8.00 (depending on location). The cost of shipping one form is almost the same as shipping three.

How long does it take to receive my order?
We strive to place orders received prior to noon (EST) the same day. Typically ground delivery is 2-5 days depending upon your location. Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and 3 Day Express are also available. Please note that shipping by air raises the shipping cost considerably. Feel free to call 800-998-1908 for estimated shipping time to your location.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to return all unused and undamaged forms for a complete refund. No questions asked.  Not applicable to Digital Forms since they are personalized and are not returnable.

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